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Log Event

Fires once for each log message.


Sub clientcontrol_Log(LogLevel As Integer, Message As String, LogType As String)


Logging in the component is handled through the Log event. This will fire anytime a message is built or a response is parsed, including error messages.

When the Log event is fired, the message in question is made available via the Message event parameter. Properties such as EphemeralKey and DeviceParams are also available when they are gathered by the Client. The other event arguments are LogType and LogLevel:

The LogType parameter indicates the type of the log entry. Possible values are:

  • "Info"
  • "RequestHeaders"
  • "ResponseHeaders"
  • "RequestBody"
  • "ResponseBody"
  • "ProxyRequest"
  • "ProxyResponse"
  • "FirewallRequest"
  • "FirewallResponse"
  • "AReq"
  • "ARes"
  • "CReq"
  • "CRes"
  • "RReq"
  • "RRes"
  • "PReq"
  • "PRes"
  • "Erro"
  • "EphemeralKey"
  • "DeviceParams"
The LogLevel configuration setting can be used to specify the detail of the logs raised through the Log event. The LogLevel parameter in the event indicates the log level to which the current message belongs.

It is recommended to output all messages raised in this event to a file for record keeping purposes, or for later debugging issues that may have come up.

The Server and Client components also have DataPacketIn and DataPacketOut events that fire anytime a data packet is received or sent, respectively. The entire data packet is then accessible in the DataPacket event parameter. For encrypted packets, this would contain the full encrypted data. This parameter may be inspected for advanced troubleshooting.

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