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ACSUIType Property

UI type rendered by the 3DS SDK.



Default Value



This field is returned in the Challenge Response Message (CRes) from the ACS and contains the User Interface type that the 3DS SDK will render.

Possible values include:

01TextText may be used to allow the cardholder to enter text into a textbox to confirm their identify. For instance this may be used to input a confirmation code sent via SMS or email.
02Single SelectSingle Select may be used during the challenge flow to allow the cardholder to select an option. For instance the cardholder may be asked to choose whether to receive a confirmation code via email or SMS.
03Multi SelectMulti Select may be used to present multiple options to the cardholder and ask them to select the correct answers. For instance a list of cities may be provided and the cardholder is asked to select cities they have lived in.
04OOBOut Of Band may be used to ask the cardholder to perform an action outside of the current application. For instance the user may be asked to confirm the transaction from within their banking app.
05HTMLHTML indicates that the ACS will supply the HTML to be rendered by the app in a web view.

This property is read-only.

Data Type


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