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TransactionStatus Property

The transaction status from the last parsed message (ARes, RReq, or CRes).



Default Value



Indicates whether a transaction qualifies as an authenticated transaction or account verification. Possible values are:

YAuthentication/account verification successful.
NNot authenticated/account not verified; transaction denied.
UAuthentication/account verification could not be performed; technical or other problem as indicated in ARes or RReq.
AAttempts processing performed; not authenticated/verified, but a proof of attempted authentication/verification is provided.
CChallenge required; additional authentication is required using the CReq/CRes.
RAuthentication/account verification rejected; issuer is rejecting authentication/verification and request that authorization not be attempted.
DChallenge required; decoupled authentication confirmed.
IInformational only; 3DS Requestor challenge preference acknowledged.

Note: The CRes message can contain only a value of Y or N. Values of D and I are only applicable for 3DS version 2.2.0.

This property is read-only.

Data Type


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