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DirectoryServerURL Property

The address of the Directory Server.


public string DirectoryServerURL { get; set; }
Public Property DirectoryServerURL As String

Default Value



This is the URL to which the RequestCardRanges and VerifyEnrollment methods post data. Under normal circumstances, this is also the same URL that these methods post errors to. Thus, when this property is set the EnrollmentErrorURL property is also automatically filled.

When the DirectoryServerURL property is set, a DNS request is initiated, and upon successful termination of the request the DirectoryServerURL property is set to the corresponding address. If the search is not successful, an error is returned.

A list of current directory servers is included below for reference (note that these may change at any time), but the merchant should be assigned a specific directory server by the acquiring bank.

https://ds.visa3dsecure.comVerified By Visa Directory Server
https://directory.securecode.comMasterCard SecureCode(tm) Directory Server
https://ds.jcb-jsecure.com/JCB J/Secure(tm) Directory Server
https://dropit.3dsecure.net/PIT/DS3-D Secure Product Integration Testing (PIT) server
https://www.nsoftware.com/3dsecure/testing/directoryserver.asp/n software's test server (limited canned responses)

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