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ErrorPacket Property

Contains an XML-formatted error packet after receiving an invalid response from the Directory or Access Control Server.


public string ErrorPacket { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ErrorPacket As String

Default Value



If the component receives a malformed or invalid response after calling the RequestCardRanges, VerifyEnrollment, or CheckAuthenticationResponse methods, this property will contain an XML-formatted error packet. If the EnrollmentErrorURL and AuthenticationErrorURL properties are not empty, this ErrorPacket will automatically be posted to the indicated URL. For transactions initiated with the RequestCardRanges or VerifyEnrollment methods, the error will be posted to the EnrollmentErrorURL. If initiated by the CheckAuthenticationResponse, the error will be posted to the AuthenticationErrorURL. The contents of this property should be logged for each transaction.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

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