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MessageExtension Event

Fired when a Message Extension is present in a message being parsed.


public event OnMessageExtensionHandler OnMessageExtension;

public delegate void OnMessageExtensionHandler(object sender, ServerMessageExtensionEventArgs e);

public class ServerMessageExtensionEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Name { get; }
  public string Id { get; }
  public string Data { get; }
  public bool Critical { get; }
  public bool Recognized { get; set; }
Public Event OnMessageExtension As OnMessageExtensionHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnMessageExtensionHandler(sender As Object, e As ServerMessageExtensionEventArgs)

Public Class ServerMessageExtensionEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Name As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Id As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Data As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Critical As Boolean
  Public Property Recognized As Boolean
End Class


Enables the parsing of Message Extension data by firing when extensions have been included in a ARes, CRes, RReq or PRes message that is being parsed. Message Extensions carry additional data not defined in the 3DS Protocol. This event fires once for each such extension. Event arguments correspond to the four elements comprising the extension, as well as an indication of whether or not the extension is recognized:

Name 'name' element - extension name
Id 'id' element - assigned extension group identifier
Data 'data' element - message extension data
Critical 'criticalityIndicator' element - criticality indicator
Recognized set by component to indicate whether or not the extension is recognized

If a 3-D Secure application receives a message containing a critical extension that it does not recognize, it must treat it as invalid and return Error Code = 202. This event will fire before the exception is thrown.

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