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GetResultsResponse Method

Builds and returns the Results Response Message (RRes) to be sent back to the directory server.


public string GetResultsResponse();
Public Function GetResultsResponse() As String


This method builds the Results Response Message (RRes) to be sent back to the directory server in the HTTP reply to the Results Request (RReq). It returns a JSON object containing the fields required for the RRes.

After passing the received RReq message to the CheckResponse method, all the properties required to be set before building the RRes will have been populated except for ResultsStatus, which indicates whether or not the message was successfully received for further processing, or provides more detail to the ACS on why the challenge could not be completed.

Possible values include:

01Results Request Received for further Processing.
02Challenge Request not sent to ACS by 3DS Requestor (3DS Server or 3DS Requestor opted out of the challenge).
03ARes challenge data not delivered to the 3DS Requestor due to technical error.

The Server can use the value of the RequestorChallengeInd to determine whether or not a value of 02 is appropriate. It must use the necessary error handling logic when processing ARes messages to determine whether or not a value of 03 is appropriate.

Once ResultsStatus has been set, GetResultsResponse can be called and will return a string containing the reply to be sent in the response. In your HTTP server, use the string returned from this method as the body of the reply and set the Content-Type header to application/JSON; charset=utf-8

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