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Adding to Project

The very first step is to add the 3DS SDK to your mobile application project. This is done by dragging the framework into the Frameworks section of the application project settings.

There are two versions of the 3DS SDK included with the installation: one to be used for development and one for production. The production version includes more strict security measures that would not allow for common development processes to occur, including running with attached debuggers or using simulators/emulators. The deployment version includes _deploy in the filename.

PCI 3DS SDK imposes requirements on 3DS SDKs that severly restrict development. For example, running on an emulator or debugging are forbidden in a production 3DS SDK. As such, the /n software 3DS SDKs include both development and deployment versions, with the main differences being related to the security checks performed and resulting behavior. More details can be found in the Security Checks section.

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