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Displaying Progress

A progress dialog must be displayed to the end user at certain points in the 3-D Secure process. While performing the challenge, the 3DS SDK will automatically display a progress dialog when appropriate.

A progress dialog must also be displayed to the user while the application is communicating with the 3DS Server and waiting for the authentication request results. The dialog used by the 3DS SDK is available to be used by the application if desired, and can be obtained from the Transaction object via the getProgressView method like so:

	// The progress dialog is an instance of ProgressView
  var sdkProgressDialog: ProgressView?

  // Retrieve the progress dialog from the transaction object instance
  sdkProgressDialog = try sdkTransaction?.getProgressView()

  // Later, to hide/dismiss if desired:
The 3DS SDK will automatically hide the dialog when starting the challenge process, so there is no need to explicitly dismiss the dialog in the application code.

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