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The authentication process starts with a call to the Transaction object's getAuthenticationRequestParameters method. When this method is called, the 3DS SDK will encrypt the device information it collected during initialization and make it, along with other SDK information required by the 3DS Server, available in the returned AuthenticationRequestParameters object. This AuthenticationRequestParameters object consists of the following fields:

SDKTransactionIdA transaction identifier randomly generated by the SDK.
DeviceDataDevice data collected by the SDK during initialization and encrypted using the DS key.
SDKEphemeralPublicKeyThe public key component of the ephemeral key pair generated by the SDK.
SDKAppIdA UUID value, generated by the 3DS SDK, that uniquely identifies the app on the device.
SDKReferenceNumberAssigned to our SDK by EMVCo after certification.
MessageVersionFrom createTransaction, or a default value from the SDK (2.1.0).
AuthRequestPackaged authentication request data to be sent to the 3DS Server.

The AuthRequest property is a packaged form of the other properties. The app would transmit this to the 3DS Server via a communication channel outside the scope of the 3DS SDK itself. On the server side, this AuthRequest data is designed to be passed directly in to the 3DS Server component's ClientAuthRequest property prior to sending the authentication request to the directory server via its SendAuthRequest method.

When the SendAuthRequest method completes, the Server component's ClientAuthResponse property will contain data that can be sent back to the app and passed to the 3DS SDK to use if a challenge is required.

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