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Security Event Listener

The SecurityEventListener class exposes a way to be notified of security issues that occur both during initialization of the SDK and at runtime. This is done via a single Alarm event:


Fired when a security issue is detected.
class MySecurityEventListener: SecurityEventListener {
  func alarm(_ severity: Severity, _ event: SecurityEvent) {
    TransactionManager.transactionManager.showToast("Security alarm: [" + severity.description + "] " + event.description)
If a security issue is detected, the Alarm event will be raised. The severity of the error will be indicated by the severity event parameter. Possible values are:

  • LOW
  • HIGH

The event parameter will indicate which issue was encountered. Possible values are:

  • ROOT
  • HOOK

For more information on the security checks performed by the component, and recommendations on handling detected issues, see the Security Checks section below.

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