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SSLServerCertEncoded Property

The certificate (PEM/base64 encoded).


public var sslServerCertEncoded: String {
get {...} }

public var sslServerCertEncodedB: Data {
get {...} }

Default Value



The certificate (PEM/base64 encoded). This property is used to assign a specific certificate. The Store and Subject properties may also be used to specify a certificate.

When Encoded is set, a search is initiated in the current Store for the private key of the certificate. If the key is found, Subject is updated to reflect the full subject of the selected certificate, otherwise Subject is set to empty string.

This property is read-only.

If an error occurs when setting this property an error will not be thrown. This property has a related method which will throw an error:

public func setSSLServerCertEncodedB(sslServerCertEncoded: Data) throws
public func setSSLServerCertEncoded(sslServerCertEncoded: String) throws

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