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challenge_data_entry Property

Cardholder entered data.


def get_challenge_data_entry() -> str: ...
def set_challenge_data_entry(value: str) -> None: ...

challenge_data_entry = property(get_challenge_data_entry, set_challenge_data_entry)

Default Value



This field contains the data that the cardholder entered into the UI.

When acsui_type is Text (01) or HTML (05), set challenge_data_entry to the data exactly as it was specified by the cardholder. Do not format or otherwise change the data.

When acsui_type is Single-Select (02), set challenge_data_entry to the name of the selected option. For instance the ACS may provide the user with a selection like:

mobile: **** **** 329
email: s******k**@g***.com
The value to provide in challenge_data_entry is the challenge_select_info_name, i.e. mobile.

When acsui_type is Multi-Select (03), set challenge_data_entry to a comma-separated list of names of the selected options. For instance if challenge_select_info contains elements with names like chicago_illinois, st_louis_missouri, and portland_oregon, and the user chose two options, the value specified in challenge_data_entry would be chicago_illinois,portland_oregon.

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