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card_number Property

Customer's credit card number to be authenticated.


def get_card_number() -> str: ...
def set_card_number(value: str) -> None: ...

card_number = property(get_card_number, set_card_number)

Default Value



This property contains the customer's credit card number which is to be authenticated. This must be the same number that will be used in the authorization request. This property is 13-19 characters long, excluding whitespace and dashes which are stripped out when the property is set.

Note: A verify_enrollment response may encrypt, encode, or otherwise modify this property. Do not reset the card_number property to the actual credit card number before calling get_authentication_packet, or the ACS may respond with an error.

Note: Before calling check_authentication_response, card_number must be set to last 4 digits of the card number preceded by zeroes. For instance:

  • 0000000001234 (13-digit PAN)
  • 0000000000001234 (16-digit PAN)

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