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error_packet Property

Contains an XML-formatted error packet after receiving an invalid response from the Directory or Access Control Server.


def get_error_packet() -> str: ...

error_packet = property(get_error_packet, None)

Default Value



If the class receives a malformed or invalid response after calling the request_card_ranges, verify_enrollment, or check_authentication_response methods, this property will contain an XML-formatted error packet. If the enrollment_error_url and authentication_error_url properties are not empty, this error_packet will automatically be posted to the indicated URL. For transactions initiated with the request_card_ranges or verify_enrollment methods, the error will be posted to the enrollment_error_url. If initiated by the check_authentication_response, the error will be posted to the authentication_error_url. The contents of this property should be logged for each transaction.

This property is read-only.

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