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challenge_window_size Property

Challenge window size.


def get_challenge_window_size() -> int: ...
def set_challenge_window_size(value: int) -> None: ...

challenge_window_size = property(get_challenge_window_size, set_challenge_window_size)

Default Value



This field indicates the dimensions of the challenge window that has been displayed to the cardholder. The ACS shall reply with content that is formatted to appropriately render in this window to provide the best possible user experience.

Preconfigured sizes are width x height in pixels of the window displayed in the cardholder browser. Possible values are:

1250 x 400
2390 x 400
3500 x 600
4600 x 400
5Full screen

This value is included in the Challenge Request Message (CReq) generated by the component when the get_challenge_request methods are called.

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