OFXBatchItemResponse Property

The OFX response aggregate.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getOFXBatchItemResponse($ofxbatchitemindex);
public function setOFXBatchItemResponse($ofxbatchitemindex, $value);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_ofxbatch_get($res, 16 , $ofxbatchitemindex);
ipworksofx_ofxbatch_set($res, 16, $value , $ofxbatchitemindex);

Default Value



The OFX response aggregate. This string represents the OFX response aggregate for the current OFXBatchItemRequest. When the OFXBatch is posted, the OFXBatchItemResponse property will be populated automatically with the server's response to the OFXBatchItemRequest.

For example, if the batch request consisted of BankStatement, CCStatement and FIProfile, such as:

OFXBatch.OFXBatchItemCount = 3;
OFXBatch.OFXBatchItems[0].Request = BankStatement.OFXRequest;
OFXBatch.OFXBatchItems[1].Request = CCStatement.OFXRequest;
OFXBatch.OFXBatchItems[2].Request = FIProfile.OFXRequest;

Upon successful server response, the OFXResponse aggregate of the corresponding class should be set (in the same order as they were included in the batch request), for example:

BankStatement.OFXResponse = OFXBatch.OFXBatchItems[0].Response;
CCStatement.OFXResponse = OFXBatch.OFXBatchItems[1].Response;
FIProfile.OFXResponse = OFXBatch.OFXBatchItems[2].Response;

Properties of each class are now populated and ready for retrieval.

The $ofxbatchitemindex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the OFXBatchItemCount property.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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