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MDN Property

The MDN generated by the adapter.

Data Type


Default Value



In the Send Adapter, this property will be populated after the full receipt is received from the server, if synchronous MDN delivery was requested.

In the Receive Adapter, MDN will contain the entire text of the Message Disposition Notification generated by the adapter, not including the MIME content-type header. The MDN will be a list of fields in "Field-Name: Field-Value" format, separated by newlines. It will report either success or failure depending on the value of ScanResult.

A variety of properties may be used to customize the outgoing MDN. The MIC algorithm used in the MDN may be set with MDNMICAlgorithm. MDNReportingUA specifies the reporting agent and MDNSendingMode may be used to specify the level of interaction with the user.

The property will be generated and the MDN will be delivered to the sender before it is exposed in the adapter.

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