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MDNMICAlgorithm Property

The algorithm used to sign the outgoing MDN.

Data Type


Possible Values

As Requested (0)
As Requested Or SHA1 (1)
SHA1 (2)
MD5 (3)
None (4)
SHA256 (5)
SHA384 (6)
SHA512 (7)
SHA224 (8)
As Requested Or SHA256 (9)

Default Value



By default, the adapter will honor the request of the client, if possible. The MIC will be calculated using the requested algorithm and reported in the outgoing MDN. If it is not possible to honor the client request, the MDN will not be signed and an error will be generated, unless ErrorProcessingFlags has been configured to prevent this.

The property may be configured in a variety of other ways as well. If set to AsRequestedOrSHA256, the adapter will honor requests for a signed receipt as with AsRequested. If unable to comply, or if a signature was not explicitly requested, the MIC will still be calculated using the SHA256 algorithm. The ReceiptSigningProtocol property may then be set to return a signed receipt. Use extreme caution when doing this; it will result in a non-RFC compliant server.

The following options are supported:

0As Requested
1As Requested Or SHA1
5 SHA-256
6 SHA-384
7 SHA-512
8 SHA-224
9 As Requested Or SHA-256

This property is not available in the Sender.

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