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ResponseCode Property

The response code.


 getResponseCode(): string;

 setResponseCode(responseCode: string): void;

Default Value



When the class is operating in client mode (i.e., the Listening property is disabled), this property is populated with the response code included in incoming responses anytime the RequestComplete event fires.

When the class is operating in server mode (i.e., the Listening property is enabled), this property specifies the response code that should be included in outgoing responses (regardless of whether they are sent immediately after Request fires, or later using SendResponse or SendNotification).

In either case, the valid set of values for this property are strings of the format c.dd, where c is a class value in the range 2 to 7, and dd is a detail value in the range 00 to 31.

The following table provides a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the more common response codes; refer to the IANA's CoAP Response Codes registry for a full list.

Code Description
2.01 Created
2.02 Deleted
2.03 Valid
2.04 Changed
2.05 Content
2.31 Continue
4.00 Bad Request
4.01 Unauthorized
4.02 Bad Option
4.03 Forbidden
4.04 Not Found
4.12 Precondition Failed
5.00 Internal Server Error
5.01 Not Implemented
5.02 Bad Gateway
5.03 Service Unavailable
5.04 Gateway Timeout

This property is not available at design time.

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