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UseConfirmableMessages Property

Whether to use confirmable message.


 isUseConfirmableMessages(): boolean;

 setUseConfirmableMessages(useConfirmableMessages: boolean): void;

Default Value



This property specifies whether the class should send requests (if operating in client mode; i.e., when the Listening property is disabled) or responses (if operating in server mode; i.e., when the Listening property is enabled) using confirmable messages instead of unconfirmable messages.

Using confirmable messages increases reliability, since the class will automatically retransmit a message until it receives a confirmation from the remote host that the message was received. Note that the retransmission period is not infinite; eventually the class will assume that the message is undeliverable and time out the retransmission process.

Using non-confirmable messages reduces the amount of network traffic, but at the cost of reliability, since the class has no way to know whether a given message was received by the remote host, or lost in transit.

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