Sample Projects

The sample projects listed below demonstrate the usage of the IPWorks components in a simple, straightforward way. By default the sample projects are installed in the demos subfolder of the installation directory.
Sample ProjectDescription
Atom Feed Reader

Shows how to use the Atom component to read Atom feeds.

CalDAV Client

Shows how to use the CalDAV component to get, add, and delete events from an existing calendar on Yahoo or Google.

Certificate Manager

Full-featured certificate management sample. Demonstrates how to list, manage, create, and sign certificates.

DNS Query

Shows how to use the DNS component to perform queries for a wide range of DNS record types.

FTP Client

A full featured FTP client built using the FTP component. It allows browsing of directories, uploads and downloads of files, and more.


Shows how to download the content of a URL from a Web server.

HTML Mailer

Shows how to use HTMLMailer to send HTML Mail with inline images.

IMAP Email Client

Shows how to use the IMAP component to access IMAP servers (e.g. MS Exchange).

Internet Paging

A simple SNPP client showing how to send a message to an SNPP server.

LDAP Search

Shows how to contact an LDAP server and lookup a name.

MX Query

Shows how to query a DNS server for a list of servers accepting email for a specific email address.

News Client

A simple news client using the NNTP component. The news client can be used to connect to Usenet News servers to view, post and reply to messages.


Demonstrates how to authenticate using the OAuth component.

OData People Search

Shows how to use the OData component to query a test OData V4 service.


Shows how to use the Ping component to check whether a host is accessible.

POP Email Client

A simple email client. It shows how to use the SMTP and POP components access POP and SMTP mail servers.

Remote Execution

Shows how to use the Rexec component for remotely executing programs on a unix machine that supports rexec.

Resolve IP

Shows how to use the IPInfo component to resolve hostnames.

RSS Aggregator

Shows how to use the RSS component to read RSS feeds.


Uses the S3 component to allow you to interact with Amazon S3 and other S3-compatible services.

SMPP Text Message

A short demo showing how to use the SMPP component to send text messages to an SMS-compliant device (e.g. cell phone).

SOAP Temperature Converter

Uses the SOAP component and a freely available Web Service to do temperature conversion.

Telnet Client

A simple demo of the Telnet component. Shows how to use the component to build a Telnet client.

Time Synchronization

Shows how to get the time from a network time server and synchronize the PC clock with it.


Demonstrates the use of the TraceRoute component.

WebDAV Client

Allows you to copy files back and forth between a DAV server and localhost.

WebSocket Client

Shows how to use the WebSocketClient component to send and receive data.

Whois Client

Demonstrates the use of the Whois component.

NOTE: These projects are mostly simple demos, and by no means complete applications. They are intended to illustrate the usage of the IPWorks components in a simple, straightforward way. What we are hoping to demonstrate is how simple it is to program with our tools. If you want to know more about them, or if you have questions, please visit or email to