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connected Property

Triggers a connection or disconnection.


def get_connected() -> bool: ...
def set_connected(value: bool) -> None: ...

connected = property(get_connected, set_connected)

Default Value



This property triggers a connection or disconnection. Setting this property to True makes the class attempt to connect to the host identified by the remote_host property. If successful, after the connection is achieved the value of the property changes to True and the on_connected event is fired.

Setting this property to False closes the connection.

By default the class will connect in plaintext. To enable SSL set ssl_enabled to True.

In addition, WebSocket connections are supported. To connect using WebSockets specify a hostname beginning with ws:// (plaintext) or wss:// (SSL). For instance, ws://test.mosquitto.org.

When connecting to an MQTT server, the class sends the following information:

If clean_session is True, check the SessionPresent configuration setting once connected to determine whether the server actually had any session state saved.

Refer to clean_session, save_session, and restore_session for more information about MQTT sessions and session state persistence; refer to will_topic, will_message, WillQOS, and WillRetain for more information about MQTT Wills.

Basic Connection Example

mqtt1.ClientId = "testClient";
mqtt1.CleanSession = true;
mqtt1.KeepAliveInterval = 30;
mqtt1.WillTopic = "wills/" + mqtt1.ClientId;
mqtt1.WillMessage = mqtt1.ClientId + " was disconnected ungracefully!";
mqtt1.Connect("mqtt.test-server.com", 1883);

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