CopyPart Method

Copies the specified object as a part of a multipart upload.


public void CopyPart(string srcObjectName, string destBucket, string destObjectName, int destPartNumber, string destUploadId);
Public Sub CopyPart(ByVal SrcObjectName As String, ByVal DestBucket As String, ByVal DestObjectName As String, ByVal DestPartNumber As Integer, ByVal DestUploadId As String)


This method copies data from the object specified by SrcObjectName (in the bucket currently selected by Bucket) to a new multipart upload part for DestObjectName in DestBucket.

The DestPartNumber and DestUploadId parameters should be used in the same manner as the UploadPart method's PartNumber and UploadId parameters.

To copy a specific range of bytes from the source object, set the CopyPartRange configuration setting before calling this method.

Note: This method is not supported when ServiceProvider is spGoogleStorage (2); Google Cloud Storage does not support multipart uploads.

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