ServiceProvider Property

The S3 service provider to use.


public S3clientServiceProviders ServiceProvider { get; set; }

enum S3clientServiceProviders { spAmazonS3, spDigitalOcean, spGoogleStorage, spWasabi, spBackblazeB2, spHuawei, spAlibaba, spIBM, spOracle, spLinode, spCustom }
Public Property ServiceProvider As S3clientServiceProviders

Enum S3clientServiceProviders spAmazonS3 spDigitalOcean spGoogleStorage spWasabi spBackblazeB2 spHuawei spAlibaba spIBM spOracle spLinode spCustom End Enum

Default Value



This property specifies the S3 service provider that the component should use. Possible values are:

spAmazonS3 (0) (default) Amazon S3
spDigitalOcean (1) Digital Ocean Spaces
spGoogleStorage (2) Google Cloud Storage
spWasabi (3) Wasabi
spBackblazeB2 (4) Backblaze B2
spHuawei (5) Huawei Cloud Object Storage
spAlibaba (6) Alibaba Cloud Object Storage
spIBM (7) IBM Cloud Object Storage
spOracle (8) Oracle Cloud Object Storage
spLinode (9) Linode Object Storage
spCustom (255) Custom service provider

Note that the following providers require additional configuration before requests can be made:

  • spOracle (8): An "Object Storage Namespace" must be specified using the OracleNamespace configuration setting.
  • spCustom (255): A base URL must be specified using the URL configuration setting.

Changing this property will automatically:

This property is not available at design time.

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