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ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded Property

The certificate (PEM/base64 encoded).


def get_ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded() -> bytes: ...
def set_ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded(value: bytes) -> None: ...

ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded = property(get_ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded, set_ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded)

Default Value



The certificate (PEM/base64 encoded). This property is used to assign a specific certificate. The ssl_accept_server_cert_store and ssl_accept_server_cert_subject properties may also be used to specify a certificate.

When ssl_accept_server_cert_encoded is set, a search is initiated in the current ssl_accept_server_cert_store for the private key of the certificate. If the key is found, ssl_accept_server_cert_subject is updated to reflect the full subject of the selected certificate, otherwise ssl_accept_server_cert_subject is set to empty string.

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