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create_draft Method

Creates a new email draft.


def create_draft(draft_type: int, id: str) -> None: ...


This method creates a new draft in the Drafts folder. The created message's information, including the draft's message id, is also added to the MessageInfo* properties. As a note, this will not clear the properties but will add it to the end.

Valid values for DraftType :


Important Notes

When using DRAFTTYPE_MESSAGE, pass in an empty string as the id. The created draft will be built using the Message* properties (i.e. MessageTo, MessageSubject, MessageFrom, etc.).

When using DRAFTTYPE_REPLY, DRAFTTYPE_REPLYALL, or DRAFTTYPE_FORWARD the id parameter can be used to specify the message that is being replied to or forwarded. Also, the created draft will NOT be built with the Message* properties. Instead, the created draft will be empty (except for the From field). The update method can be used instead to fill in the different parts of the message.

Example (New Draft)

// Create a draft message
office365.MessageSubject = "Subject Text";
office365.MessageImportance = "High";
office365.MessageBodyContentType = "TEXT";
office365.MessageBodyContent = "Body Text";
office365.MessageTo = "";

office365.CreateDraft(0, "");
Example (Reply)

// Create the reply draft
string originalMessageId = "Message ID";
office365.CreateDraft(1, originalMessageId);

// Set the new draft MessageInfo fields with desired options
office365.MessageInfo[0].To = "";
office365.MessageInfo[0].Subject = "Subject Text";
office365.MessageInfo[0].BodyContentType = "TEXT";
office365.MessageInfo[0].BodyContent = "Body Text";

// Update the draft

// Send the draft

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