The Advanced tab of the drive settings dialog provides access additional settings which are not commonly used.

Allow all users access to the drive

This option controls whether drives are visible to other users on the system. When checked (default), drives are accessible by all users on the system. When unchecked, the drive is only accessible by the account under which S3 Drive is running.

Note: this setting should not be disabled when running as a Windows Service. When running as a Windows Service with sharing disabled only the identity of the Windows Service itself will be able to access the drive (typically the Network Service identity). For more information see Shared Drives.


This setting specifies whether SSL/TLS is enabled for the connection. The default value is enabled.

Use Virtual Hosting

This setting specifies whether the buckets are addresses in requests using the S3 Virtual Hosting format. This is enabled by default, and recommended unless there is a specific reason to disable this setting (for instance when using a custom provider).

Cache Settings

See Caching Information for more information.

Cache Directory

This setting specifies the location on disk where data will be stored. This is populated automatically, but may be changed if desired.

Upload Delay

This setting specifies the delay (in seconds) after a file is closed, before it will be added to the upload queue. This delay allows for the case where the file is re-opened by an application for further use. The delay may be shortened so that files are uploaded more quickly after an application closes the file, or increased to allow a larger window where the file can be re-opened before the upload is initiated.

Note: This settings does not apply to files that are smaller than CacheDirectUploadMaxSize. See Drives for details.

Max Concurrent Uploads

This setting specifies the maximum number of simultaneous upload operations that can be in progress at any time. The default value of 8 provides a balance between speed and reliability. Large values for this setting may result in intermittent errors from the S3 service which will result in the upload operation being retried. In most cases the default value should be used.

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