Shared Drives

S3 Drive allows drives to be shared among all local users or restricted to the current user. This is controlled by the "Allow all users access to the drive" setting found in the Advanced tab of the Drive Configuration window. It is also controlled by the Shared registry setting for a particular drive (see Drives for more information). When this setting is enabled, the drive is accessible to all local users on the machine. When disabled, the drive is only accessible by the account under which S3 Drive is running.

Accessible to All Users

When "Allow all users access to the drive" is enabled S3 Drive creates a virtual drive accessible to all user sessions. The application maintains one connection to the server per drive and all file system operations that occur use the existing connection. Any user that interacts with the drive inherits the credentials of the connection to work with files on the drive. Settings for the application and drives can be specified in a subkey of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive to indicate the settings apply system-wide to any user interacting with the drive.

Restricted to the Current User

When "Allow all users access to the drive" is disabled the drive is only accessible in the current user session. Attempting to access the drive from another user session will cause Windows to throw a "Cannot find drive." error message.

See Also: Isolated Mode

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