Running SFTP Drive

SFTP Drive can be started directly from the application's main window, via command line, or configured to run as a Windows service.

The application will mount each of the enabled drives when the Start button is pressed. After the drives are successfully mounted, processes may interact with the files on the mounted drive just like any other drive on the system. Drives may be managed from the Drives tab (see Drive Management for more information).


The first step to working with SFTP Drive is to create a new drive. Click the New... button in the Drives tab and configure the drive to add it to the drive list (See Drive Configuration for more information).

In the top left of the application window click the Start button to mount the enabled drives. Alternatively, right click the System Tray icon and select Start.

Once running, the options to Stop or Restart the application are enabled. Unmount all drives by clicking the Stop button. The buttons in the main application window or the context menu in the System Tray may be used to manage the application.

Starting as a Windows Service

The application may also be configured to run as a Windows service. When configured to run as a Windows service no user interaction is required to start the application.

To enable running as a Windows service navigate to the Service tab of the application and check the Run as a Windows Service checkbox. Click Save Changes to save the changes.

When enabled, the Windows service will be configured with a startup type of automatic. The user interface does not need to remain open when running as a Windows service.

Command Line Parameters

The application may also be controlled via the command line. The command line values allow management of the application from unattended configurations such as scripts. The following command line parameters are available:

/start Starts the application and connects all enabled drives
/start uimin Starts the application minimized and connects all enabled drives
/stop Disconnects all drives and then exits the application
/servicestart Starts the SFTP Drive service
/servicestop Stops the SFTP Drive service
/isolated Launches SFTP Drive in Isolated Mode
/registerservice Registers the SFTP Drive service with Windows
/unregisterservice Unregisters the SFTP Drive service with Windows

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