/n software 3-D Secure V2 iOS Edition

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Licensing Instructions

Standard (Royalty-Free) Licensing

To activate a full version license visit this URL: https://www.nsoftware.com/full/TSC2D

You will be prompted to enter your Product Key, and a RuntimeLicense value will be generated.

In your code, assign the value to the runtimeLicense parameter when initializing the ConfigParametersBuilder object. For instance, in Swift:

let builder = ConfigParametersBuilder.init(directoryServerInfoList: directoryServerInfoList, runtimeLicense: "Value From Website", deviceParameterBlacklist: nil, clientConfig: clientConfigs)
Or, in Objective-C:
ConfigParametersBuilder *builder = [[ConfigParametersBuilder alloc] initWithDirectoryServerInfoList:directoryServerInfoList runtimeLicense:@"Value From Website" deviceParameterBlacklist:nil clientConfig:nil];
This provides a license to the SDK and your application will run without a license prompt on any system to which it is distributed.

Trial Licensing

No special steps are required to license the trial version. At runtime a dialog is displayed to inform the user a trial license is in use.

The components may be used on the machine for 30 days.

License Transfer

If you would like to transfer your license to another system, please complete our license transfer form. This will ensure your installations are not mistaken for license violations.

For additional information about our product activation process, please refer to our product activation FAQ.

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