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Challenge Parameters

The ChallengeParameters class holds parameters that are required to conduct the challenge process. This is passed to the doChallenge method when Starting the Challenge. Available properties, accessible via getters and setters, are:

Property NameTypeDescription
3DSServerTransactionIDString3DS Server Transaction ID.
AcsTransactionIDStringACS Transaction ID.
AcsRefNumberStringACS Reference Number.
AcsSignedContentStringACS signed content. This data includes the ACS URL, ACS ephemeral public key, and SDK ephemeral public key.
ThreeDSRequestorAppURLString3DS Requestor App URL.
ThreeDSServerAuthResponseStringThe Authentication Response from the 3DS Server component.

These properties can be set individually based on what comes back from the 3DS Server. If using the 3DS Server component, the ThreeDSServerAuthResponse can be set to the generated ClientAuthResponse value, and the other properties will be set automatically based on this value.

    let challengeParameters = ChallengeParameters(threeDSServerAuthResponse: authResponse)

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