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Starting the Challenge

If the response from the 3DS Server indicates that a challenge is required, the challenge process is initiated using the doChallenge method. When this is called, control of the UI is handed over to the 3DS SDK. The challenge will be performed by the SDK, and when finished the appropriate Challenge Status Receiver event will fire (completed, cancelled, etc.)

    try sdkTransaction?.doChallenge(rootViewController: navigationController, challengeParameters: challengeParameters, challengeStatusReceiver: self, timeout: 5)

The doChallenge method takes the following parameters:

Parameter NameTypeDescription
navigationControllerUINavigationControllerThe view controller used by the SDK for the challenge process.
challengeParametersChallengeParametersACS details required by the 3DS SDK to conduct the challenge process during the transaction. For details, see the Challenge Parameters section.
challengeStatusReceiverChallengeStatusReceiverCallback object for notifying the 3DS Requestor App about the challenge status. For details, see the Challenge Status Receiver section.
timeoutIntegerTimeout interval (in minutes) within which the challenge process must be completed. The minimum timeout interval is 5 minutes.

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