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Cc Property

A comma separated list of addresses for carbon copies (optional).


public string Cc { get; set; }
Public Property Cc As String

Default Value



This property specifies a comma separated list of destinations for carbon copies of the mail message. A copy of the message is sent to each destination, and a Cc SMTP header is created containing the destination addresses. This header is sent to every recipient of the message. If you don't want to copy this information to every recipient, then use blind carbon copies instead (see the description of the BCc).

The component will return an error if the MailServer returns an error code about any email address specified in SendTo or Cc but it will only fire an Error event if the same happens with an email address specified in BCc.

If the resulting header is longer than MaxHeaderLength, then it is folded according to RFC 822 specifications.

NOTE: You must clear the MessageRecipients collection before setting this property to remove previous recipients.

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