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SignatureValidated Event

Marks the completion of the signature validation routine.


type TSignatureValidatedEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  const IssuerRDN: String;
  SerialNumber: TBytes;
  SubjectKeyID: TBytes;
  ValidationResult: Integer
) of Object;

property OnSignatureValidated: TSignatureValidatedEvent read FOnSignatureValidated write FOnSignatureValidated;


This event is fired upon the completion of the signature validation routine, and reports the respective validation result.

Use the IssuerRDN, SerialNumber, and/or SubjectKeyID parameters to identify the signing certificate.

ValidationResult is set to 0 if the validation has been successful, or to a non-zero value in case of a validation failure.

svtValid0The signature is valid

svtUnknown1Signature validity is unknown

svtCorrupted2The signature is corrupted

svtSignerNotFound3Failed to acquire the signing certificate. The signature cannot be validated.

svtFailure4General failure

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