Sample Projects

The sample projects listed below demonstrate the usage of the IPWorks MQ components in a simple, straightforward way. By default the sample projects are installed in the demos subfolder of the installation directory.
Sample ProjectDescription

Shows how to use the AMQP component to send and receive messages.

AzureRelay Receiver

The AzureRelayReceiver component implements the listener role in the Azure Relay service. The component will connect to the server and listen for incoming connections. Once a connection is established data can be exchange freely in both directions allowing a flexible messaging environment.

AzureRelay Sender

Shows how to use the AzureRelaySender component to connect to the Azure Relay service using a WebSocket connection. Once the connection is established data may be sent and received over the connection.

JSON Parser

Uses the JSON object to parse JSON from a URL, file, or string input sources.


Uses the MQTT demo to send and receive messages over SSL and plaintext.


Uses the XMPP component to implement a simple XMPP instant messaging demo.

NOTE: These projects are mostly simple demos, and by no means complete applications. They are intended to illustrate the usage of the IPWorks MQ components in a simple, straightforward way. What we are hoping to demonstrate is how simple it is to program with our tools. If you want to know more about them, or if you have questions, please visit or email to