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Initializing the SDK

Depending on the 3DS Requestor application implementation, a ThreeDS2Service instance is created either during startup of the 3DS Requestor app (as a background task), or when a transaction is initiated. The state of the service is maintained until the cleanup method is called. To create an instance of the ThreeDS2Service call the initialize method like so:

	try threeDS2Service.initialize(
		configParameters: configParameters,
		locale: nil,
		uiCustomization: uiCustom,
		clientEventListener: clientEventListener,
    securityEventListener: securityEventListener)

Parameter NameTypeDescription
configParametersConfigParametersConfiguration information that shall be used during initialization. See the Config Parameters section below.
localeStringA string that represents the locale for the app's user interface (e.g. "en-US"). This parameter is reserved for future use.
uiCustomizationUiCustomizationA class that allows the customization of the 3DS SDK UI elements (fonts, colors, etc.). See the UI Customization section for details.
clientEventListenerClientEventListenerA listener to receive SDK events (for logging, etc.) See the Client Event Listener section for details on the available events.
securityEventListenersecurityEventListenerA listener to receive security warning events raised during SDK initialization and during runtime. See the Security Event Listener section for details.

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