IPWorks Auth 2020 JavaScript Edition

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ApplicationURN Property

The application's Uniform Resource Name (URN).


 getApplicationURN(): string;

 setApplicationURN(applicationURN: string): void;

Default Value



This property specifies the application's Uniform Resource Name (URN). This must be set before calling GetAssertion or GetSecurityToken.

When AuthMode is set to amDynamicsCRM the value specified here depends on the location of the account. Valid values are:

Dynamics CRM Location URN
North America urn:crmna:dynamics.com
EMEA urn:crmemea:dynamics.com
APAC urn:crmapac:dynamics.com

When AuthMode is set to camSharePointOnline this value is typically the URL to your site. For instance: "https://mycrm.sharepoint.com".

This property is not available at design time.

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