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AuthMode Property

The authentication mode.


 getAuthMode(): SamlAuthModes;

 setAuthMode(authMode: SamlAuthModes): void;

enum SamlAuthModes { camSharePointOnline, camDynamicsCRM, camADFS, camCustom }

Default Value



This property specifies the authentication mode. Possible values are:

0 (camSharePointOnline - default) Microsoft SharePoint Online
1 (camDynamicsCRM) Microsoft Dynamics CRM
2 (camADFS) Active Directory Federation Services
3 (camCustom) Custom

When this property is set the component is initialized based on common settings for the selected mode.

Setting this property to 2 (camADFS) or 3 (camCustom) will clear the values in FederationURN, and FederationSTS. There is no functional difference between 2 (camADFS) and 3 (camCustom), they operate identically.

Setting this property to 0 (camSharePointOnline) or 1 (camDynamicsCRM) will populate FederationURN, and FederationSTS with known valid values for FederationURN, and FederationSTS.

The table below shows which properties are set depending on the value of this property.


The value 3 (camCustom) may be used with any STS as long as WS-TRUST is supported.

This property is not available at design time.

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