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Encoding Property

The encoding type for the form data.


__property TipwWebFormEncodings Encoding = { read=FEncoding, write=FSetEncoding };
enum TipwWebFormEncodings { encURLEncoding=0, encMultipartFormData=1, encQueryString=2 };

Default Value



This property determines how the component encodes the form contents. It is equivalent to the 'ENCTYPE' attribute of an HTML form.

It can take one of the following values:

encURLEncoding (0)This is the most common encoding for HTML form contents.
encMultipartFormData (1)This is MIME encoding allowing transmission of binary data.
encQueryString (2)This is an older form of encoding where the actual parameters are appended to the URL query string. (Generally not recommended because most servers limit the size of the URL to less than 1K or 2K).

Data Type


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