Licensing Instructions

Single Server License

A single server license requires a license to be activated on the deployment server. The full setup must be run on the deployment machine to install the tasks and the license.

Unlimited Distribution License (Within an Organization)

An unlimited distribution license is included with a valid Red Carpet Subscription and allows a single developer to develop and deploy to an unlimited number of machines within an organization.

In the task properties at design time the Runtime License property will be automatically populated with the license. When deploying ensure that the Runtime License property is specified. On the deployment machine the tasks may be installed by running the setup, or by deploying and executing the SSISDeployUtil.bat file included in the lib folder of the installation.

Azure Data Factory

Deployment to Azure Data Factory V2 Integration Runtimes (ADFv2 IR) requires a royalty free license (Runtime License) and a few additional steps to ensure our tasks are available in Azure. Below is a brief overview of these steps, and more detailed information can be found in our online knowledge base article.

  • Create an Azure SQL Server (logical server) and allow access through the SQL Server Firewall
  • Run the AzureDeploy.ps1 PowerShell script included in the installation directory, providing the necessary parameters at the prompt
  • When deploying a package from Visual Studio, use the deployment wizard to select Azure Server as the destination (and authenticate)
  • Connect to the Azure SQL Server in SSMS, setting the 'Connect to Database' field to SSISDB
  • Manage and execute the package through SSMS, and access the results of executions through Azure Data Factory Reports

License Transfer

If you would like to transfer your license to another system, please complete our license transfer form. This will ensure your installations are not mistaken for license violations.

For additional information about our product activation process, please refer to our product activation FAQ.