IPWorks SFTP 2020 Android Edition

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SSHUser Property

The username for SSH authentication.


public String getSSHUser();
public void setSSHUser(String SSHUser);


SSHUser specifies the username which is used to authenticate the client to the SSH server. This property is required.

Example (User/Password Auth):

Control.SSHAuthMode = SftpSSHAuthModes.amPassword
Control.SSHUser = "username"
Control.SSHPassword = "password"
Control.SSHLogon("server", 22)
Example (Public Key Auth):
Control.SSHAuthMode = SftpSSHAuthModes.amPublicKey
Control.SSHUser = "username"
Control.SSHCert = New Certificate(CertStoreTypes.cstPFXFile, "cert.pfx", "certpassword", "*") 
Control.SSHLogon("server", 22)

Default Value


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