SecureBlackbox 2022 Delphi Edition

Version 22.0 [Build 8174]

Licensing Instructions

Standard (Royalty-Free) Licensing

When dropping a component on a form or dynamically creating an instance of a component, the license will be embedded automatically during compilation.

After successfully activating this product, the file named sbxkeys.pas in the "pas" directory should contain a license string for each component. The contents of this file are used automatically, no action is required.

Note: Activation checks are made on the developer machine only, not at runtime.

Backwards Compatibility Pack Licensing

If you are using the Backwards Compatibility Pack, additional steps are required to license the components. In any project where the components will be used the uses statement MUST include the sbxCore unit.

To license the components for distribution, the RuntimeLicense property must also be set on each instance. To obtain the RuntimeLicense value first create a temporary project, add sbxCore to the uses statement, and output the value of the property. For instance:


Then in your code, ensure sbxCore is added to the uses statement and set RuntimeLicense to the value from above:

component.RuntimeLicense := 'VALUE FROM ABOVE';

For example, consider you are using three SecureBlackbox components in your project: the v2020-style TsbxHTTPClient and v16-style TElCAdESSignatureProcessor and TElSignedCMSMessage. What you need to do is:

  • Add sbxCore to the uses clause:

    uses Classes, SysUtils, SBCAdES, sbxhttpclient, sbxcore;

  • On your development machine, create a new Delphi project and drop any v2020-style component (for example, TsbxHashFunction) onto the form, then output its RuntimeLicense property:

    ShowMessage(sbxHashFunction1.RuntimeLicense); // this will return you a long alphanumeric string, e.g. 534244...0000

  • Copy that value and assign it to all your SecureBlackbox components:

    sbxHTTPClient1.RuntimeLicense := '534244...0000';
    ElCAdESSignatureProcessor1.RuntimeLicense := '534244...0000';
    ElSignedCMSMessage1.RuntimeLicense := '534244...0000';

Note: The same RuntimeLicense property value works for all components included in this edition. You can use a constant or variable to keep it and just assign the variable value to all the components involved.

License Transfer

If you would like to transfer your license to another system, please complete our license transfer form. This will ensure your installations are not mistaken for license violations.

For additional information about our product activation process, please refer to our product activation FAQ.

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SecureBlackbox 2022 Delphi Edition - Version 22.0 [Build 8174]