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DirectoryServerInfo parameters are used to specify certificate details for the various supported directory servers (DS). When creating a Transaction, the DS_ID is used to specify the certificates to be used for that transaction. Each DirectoryServerInfo consists of three pieces of information:

  • DS_ID An identifier used internally in the SDK to match the transaction with a particular DS. Also referred to as an RID.
  • DS_CERT Encryption certificate provided by the DS. Used to encrypt the DeviceInfo and generate keys to use for Challenge security.
  • DS_CA_CERT The root CA certificate used to issue the DS_CERT. This is used to verify the signature on the response from the DS (ARes packet), and can include the intermediate certificate as well.

Preconfigured Certificates

The 3DS SDK comes preconfigured with certificates for the following Directory Servers. To use these certificates, simply pass one of the DS ID values below when creating the Transaction.

Expires: 2024-08-22
CN=Visa eCommerce Root CA - G2
CN=Visa eCommerce Root
CN=Visa Public RSA Root CA
Expires: 2024-06-15
CN=PRD MasterCard Identity Check Root CA
Expires: 2023-08-18
CN=American Express Private Certification Authority
DiscoverA000000152CN=Discover SDK
Expires: 2027-03-07
Expires: 2051-03-02
CN=JCB DS Root CA EMV 3-D Secure
UnionPayA000000333CN=CFCA@UnionPay International@N9131000005455878X6@1
Expires: 2025-07-08

/n software will make an effort to keep the above configurations up to date. As new certificates are issued, the 3DS SDK will be updated accordingly and new builds will be pushed to the website. It is recommended that users of the SDK also monitor and be aware of changes from the card schemes. When new certificates are released, a new build can be downloaded from our site and applied to customer implementations, or new certificates can be obtained directly from the card schemes and integrated in the SDK manually without updating the SDK build in use.

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