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Icon Customization

Along with the customization of the look-and-feel of the UI via the UI Customization class detailed above, it may be desirable to also customize the images utilized by the SDK. There are three images used by the Android SDK for this, and they can be customized by including files with the exact names listed below in the drawable resources section of the project:

  • ipworks3ds_expand_section_indicator: The icon used to indicate a section that can be expanded.
  • ipworks3ds_collapse_section_indicator: The icon used to indicate a section that can be collapsed.
  • ipworks3ds_warning_indicator: The icon used (as indicated by the ACS) to draw attention to challenge information text being displayed.
  • ipworks3ds_ds_DSID: The directory server logo shown when the progress dialog is displayed during communication with the 3DS Server. The DSID is the lowercase directory server ID matching one configured via a DirectoryServerInfo parameter. The logo displayed by the progress dialog will be selected based on the directory server ID used when Creating a Transaction.
If these images are included in the project, the SDK will use them automatically; no additional code or configuration is required.

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