AuthMechanism Parameter (Get-CloudStorage Cmdlet)

The HTTP authentication scheme to use (for storage service providers that support multiple).


Get-CloudStorage -AuthMechanism string


For storage service providers that support more than one HTTP authentication scheme, this property specifies which should be used. This property is only relevant for the following storage service providers:

  • HadoopDFS
(For all other storage service providers, the cmdlet determines the correct authentication scheme automatically).


Possible values for this property are:

None (default) No authentication is performed.
Simple Hadoop pseudo/simple authentication is performed.
Basic Basic authentication is performed.
NTLM NTLM authentication is performed.
Negotiate Negotiate authentication is performed.

When set to Simple, the value of the User property is automatically sent in every request using the query parameter. (Note: This authentication scheme is only valid for the HadoopDFS storage service provider.)

When set to Basic, NTLM, or Negotiate, the values held by the User and Password properties will be used to perform Basic, NTLM, or Negotiate authentication.

Default Value


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