RemoteFile Parameter (Remove-CloudStorage Cmdlet)

The name of the remote file to delete.


Remove-CloudStorage -RemoteFile string


The RemoteFile is either an absolute file path, or a relative path based on the home path set by the server. Wildcards (*) can be used to specify multiple files, and directories can be specified as long as they are empty.

For instance:

#remove a single file from Amazon S3
Remove-CloudStorage -ServiceProvider Amazons3 -AmazonS3AccessKey $accesskey -AmazonS3SecretKey $secretkey -RemoteFile "test/delete_me.txt"

#remove all text files from a subfolder in Box
Remove-CloudStorage -ServiceProvider Box -OAuthClientId $boxid -OAuthClientSecret $boxsecret -RemoteFile "test/*.txt"

#remove a Wasabi directory/bucket (must be empty to suceed)
Remove-CloudStorage -ServiceProvider Wasabi -WasabiAccessKey $accesskey -WasabiSecretKey $secretkey -RemoteFile "myBucket"

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