lock_scope Property

The scope of the current resource lock.


def get_lock_scope() -> str: ...
def set_lock_scope(value: str) -> None: ...

lock_scope = property(get_lock_scope, set_lock_scope)

Default Value



Before a call to the lock_resource method, lock_scope may be set to the type of scope needed for the lock. Currently the class will only allow two types of scopes to be requested:

"exclusive"The lock belongs exclusively to the requesting principle. No other principle may modify the locked resource URI.
"shared"The locked resource may not be modified by non-trusted principles. Users who have access rights, however, may request a shared lock which they can then use to modify or operate on the resource.

If no scope is specified, the protocol default scope, "exclusive", will be requested. After a successful lock_resource operation, the class will set the lock_scope property to the correct value returned in the server's response.

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