SSHAuthMode Property

The type of authentication used by the task.

Data Type


Possible Values

None (0)
Multi Factor (1)
Password (2)
Public Key (3)
Keyboard Interactive (4)
GSSAPIWith Mic (5)

Default Value



SSHAuthMode controls how the task attempts to authenticate when connecting to the SSHHost. The following authentication methods are available:

NoneThe task will attempt anonymous authentication.
Multi-FactorThe task will attempt as many authentication steps as the server requires using whatever credentials it has available.
PasswordThe task will send the SSHPassword to the server.
Public KeyThe task will send the SSHCert to the server;
Keyboard-InteractiveThe task will perform SSH keyboard-interactive authentication, responding automatically to the server's authentication prompts. It will supply the value of SSHPassword as the response to the "password" prompt. Note: this method is not truly keyboard-interactive, and the task may not recognize all prompts supplied by the server. It should be used only when the SSHHost cannot be configured to authenticate the SSHUser via more easily automated methods such as Password or Public Key.
GSSAPIWithMicThis allows the task to attempt Kerberos authentication using the GSSAPI-WITH-MIC scheme. The client will try Kerberos authentication using the value of SSHUser (single sign-on), or if SSHPassword is specified as well, it will try Kerberos authentication with alternate credentials.

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