AuthScheme Property

The authorization scheme to be used when server authorization is to be performed.

Data Type


Possible Values

Basic (0)
Digest (1)
Proprietary (2)
None (3)
Ntlm (4)
Negotiate (5)
OAuth (6)

Default Value



This property specifies the type of authentication to perform. Possible values are:

  • Basic
  • Digest
  • Proprietary
  • None
  • NTLM
  • Negotiate
  • OAuth

In most cases this setting is only applicable if User and Password is set.

This property is also applicable without setting User and Password if the AuthScheme is set to NTLM or Negotiate. In that case the current user credentials will be used.

AuthScheme should be set to authNone (3) when no authentication is to be performed (or do not set User and Password).

By default, AuthScheme is authBasic (0), and if the User and Password properties are set, the task will attempt basic authentication. If AuthScheme is set to authDigest (1) or authNtlm (4), digest or NTLM authentication will be attempted instead.

If AuthScheme is set to authProprietary (2) then the authorization token must be supplied through the Authorization property. Note that, if you set the Authorization property, the AuthScheme will be set automatically to authProprietary (2) by the task.

If AuthScheme is set to authOAuth (6) then the authorization string must be supplied through Authorization property.

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